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Honoring Our Learning Philosophy Through Our Learning Reports: Is it about learning and progress or is it about grades?

Session 6
Megan Howard, Jill Gough — The Walker School, Trinity School (Atlanta, GA)

We want this conversation to be active – reflecting and dreaming big while also taking small (or not-so-small) steps to plan on how to move a classroom or a school to dynamically describe, document, report, and celebrate learning. How might we honor and leverage current cultural buzzwords and eduspeak – risk-taking, failure, personalizing learning, design-thinking, grit – and authentically make these concepts part of our learning report for each child?

Conversational Practice

We will ask participants to bring a current report card and have a “gallery walk” of the reports for the first 20 minutes of the session. Using post-it notes, participants will comment on things they like and things they wonder about. Seeing various types of reports will serve as our jumping off point for conversation. We will lead participants in discussion about how to best honor our learning philosophies through our learning reports with guiding questions and with a lively backchannel. We are in the process of prototyping a report card of the future and will bring mock-ups to stir conversation and discussion. Participants will drive the conversation as we brainstorm how to make learning reports about learning/growth and not just about grades.

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Jill Gough
Jill Gough
Trinity School
Megan Howard
Megan Howard
The Walker School


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