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Elementary, PBL & Public Schools. Is it possible?

Session 3
Diana Potts — Lambertville Public School, NJEA (consultant)

Problem and Project based learning is often practiced in grades 6-12, but rarely in grades K-5. Our essential question is, how can students at an earlier developmental age gain the foundation of literacy and math skills in a true PBL,K-5 setting? Is the design of a true PBL classroom developmentally appropriate for this age group and for public schools? This will be a hands-on, minds-on session that will examine and then construct curriculum, aesthetics and norms. Come ready to share, build and challenge.

Conversational Practice

This will be a conversation that will take place in a large and then smaller groups. The larger group will be used for identifying pros and cons associated with such a learning environment, details for consideration and determine a goal for the end product. Then, the smaller groups will focus on the details of fruition; one group will construct the aesthetics, one construct the essential elements of the curriculum and the other discuss how norms need to be structured in a K-5 PBL school. Participants will organically come to see how each group's mission is intertwined. Google docs will be used for collaboration, construction tools (such as poster boards, blocks, etc.) will be used for building. Twitter will be used to share out conversation pieces and constructed visuals. The conversation will end with participants sharing what ideas from the session they will bring back to their colleagues (our form of a "do now").

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Diana Potts
Diana Potts
Ethical Culture Fieldston School, Fieldston Lower


Diana Potts

We each go into PD looking to take away something personal. What are you looking to take away from this session? If there's a thought you're looking to resolve, please share.

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