Meetups are ad-hoc meetings, outside the formal schedule, that can be organized by anyone at any time (before, after or even during the conference). Feel free to suggest your own meetup or join another.

Middle School Meetup!

Jan 30 11:45am–12:45pm

Join the founding principal, Tim Boyle, from the newest school in the SLA family, SLA-Middle School (opening Sept. 2016) for a conversation about the exciting and challenging work of building inquiry driven, project based, tech enabled middle schools. Pick up a box lunch and then head to Room 300 for a lively conversation!

Re-Making Education

Jan 30 11:45am–12:45pm

A perspective from the White House OSTP's Senior Advisor for Making on the growth of the Maker Movement, stories of how educators from around the country are developing creative confidence in themselves and their students, and suggestions about how to get involved with issues relating to the administration's priorities!

Facilitated by Andrew Coy - Senior Advisor for Making, The White House


Jan 31 7:30–8:30am

All are welcome to attend this hour of coffee & conversation!

"CoffeeEDU is a one-hour unconference. It's not about promoting a product or organization, it is about expanding your PLN in a face to face meet up for one hour."

Coffee Edu

Student Research: Inquiry Based Learning

Jan 31 12–3pm

Marcus Villacorta is an upperclassman at Science Leadership Academy at Beeber. He is currently doing research on what makes inquiry based learning so different from the traditional approach to learning, as well as what the future of schools will look like. All for a personal project which is doubling as his senior project. Marcus has been doing research on the topic, but he appreciates to hear feedback, or personal prospective above all else. Come talk to him to share your opinion about schools and the way they approach learning, as well as how they will evolve in the future.

Here are the base questions I will be asking during our conversation. We will probably get to all of them, but we may go off topic a bit into similar territory which isn't listed below:
Who are you? (what do you do) What role do you play in regards to public education? Why is education an important topic to you? Are you familiar with inquiry based learning/project based learning? If so how do you think it compares to the traditional approach to learning. How do you think schools are failing right now? How do you think schools could be better? Which approach to learning do you prefer ; Traditional or Inquiry. Why? In which ways do you think the traditional approach to learning succeeds? In which way do you think inquiry based learning succeeds?

Remembering Deven Black

Jan 31 12–12:30pm

Come to the SLA Library to share your memories of Deven Black, an inspiring and well-loved member of the Educon community who we lost this week.

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