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Thinking About Thinking Skills: Not Content but Process

Session 2
Jennifer Orr — Annandale Terrace Elementary

How people think about ideas is equally important to the ideas about which they are thinking. This is as true for pre-kindergarten students as it is for PhD candidates. Understanding how we are thinking is a huge step towards better understanding of any idea. The traditional style of education prepares students to pass tests and parrot back information but often does not prepare them for thinking more creatively and solving a variety of problems. Taking the time to teach them about the structure of their thinking, and doing the same ourselves, will support this goal. We will explore five patterns of thinking, what they mean for us as thinkers, and how we can help our students use them. Brief videos of classroom lessons from a variety of grade levels will be shown to help illustrate the patterns and foster conversation.

Conversational Practice

Small group discussions will happen after each video clip. This idea is complicated and will require time for people to grapple with it through conversations. In addition, other teachers familiar with this idea will be joining us through social media.

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Jennifer Orr
Jennifer Orr
Fort Belvoir Upper School


June Hurt

School choice is a system of allowing parents complete free rein in where their children attend school. It is a way to overpopulate some schools while others are underpopulated. It is a way to resegregate a school system.

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