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Adding Value: A conversation on making difference

Session 4
Matt Baird — Science Leadership Academy

Each school year we begin with high hopes and plans to make our job and our lives easier or better. By the end of January, however, we as teachers are maxed out in what we can do because there are too many things pulling us in various directions. This conversation is an attempt to gain some traction in our teaching lives by reflecting upon the question of where can we make the most difference and how.

The workshop will be an opportunity for participants to think about where they are in the current teaching year and what they have to do to move the needle on the important parts of their lives- including their life at school. What is needed is open mind, a hot cup of tea, a calendar and a small group of colleagues to provide the emotional support you need to make the small changes that can produce big results.

Conversational Practice

Work groups will be based in triads to share ideas and to help create an agenda of next steps for participants to make their ideas come to life. There is a framework to keep people on track but this is a workshop where people put ideas and plans into place to take forward rather than being presented to.

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