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Balancing Connection and Isolation with Mindfulness

Session 6
Spike C Cook — Principal, RM Bacon Elementary School

The main focus of this conversation is to explore connection and isolation as it impacts students and adult learners. One of the most important aspects to thus conversation will be concept of mindfulness as a tool to help learners stay present. Participants will be encouraged to share their mindfulness strategies as well as strategies for overcoming isolation from peers and their PLN. We will also explore how mindfulness can assist us with staying present and reducing stress.

Conversational Practice

This conversation will start with individual reflection, small group discussions and large group theme building. We will use tools to ensure everyone is a part of the process such as post its and honoring our established norms for collaboration. We will then take the post its and use technology based tools (such as Post It Plus) to make the ideas and connections accessible to everyone.

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