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Balancing Content with Experiences

Session 3
BJ Enzweiler, Dan Symonds — SLA

Teachers are commonly pulled in multiple directions for their curriculum. The common debate of depth vs breadth occurs not only between schools but sometimes within one teacher as well. We often ask ourselves, how can I get through all of this material and make it interesting. Most teachers know that students learn best by building experiences in school, and not just stacks of notes. But the demands placed on us can fly in the face of the desire to teach this way.

This session is designed to help each attendee find a balance between these two approaches to instruction. We will discuss our own classroom struggles and work together to find ways maximize course content and positive classroom experiences.

Conversational Practice

Guided discussion with participants in the session.

Presenter Profiles

BJ Enzweiler
BJ Enzweiler
Science Leadership Academy
Lior Schenk
Lior Schenk
The Environmental Charter School at Frick Park


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