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Becoming a Community that Learns: Extending the Lessons of Edcamp

Session 2
Mike Ritzius, Dan Callahan, Christine Miles — NJ Education Association, Massachusetts Teacher Association, Cherry Hill School District

In just 5 short years, Edcamp has become an international phenomenon. People accredit this to autonomy, choice, and personalized PD but, the real driver behind the movement is a redistribution in power - decreasing the power of the hierarchy and distributing it more evenly across the community. Approaching professional development from this perspective has broad implications for schools. It opens opportunities for collaborative decision making, to learn through problems, co-create solutions, and to create true communities of practice that continually regenerate schools.

Building from the success of Edcamp, we will explore how a wider array of dialogic processes can be employed to move school from a community of learners to a community that learns.

Conversational Practice

We will be using the following conversation protocols to model the processes we will be discussing: Peer Circle World Cafe

This session will require an open room where chairs may be re-arranged.

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Presenter Profiles

Dan Callahan
Dan Callahan
Massachusetts Teachers Association
Mike Ritzius
Mike Ritzius
New Jersey Education Association
Chrissi Miles
Chrissi Miles
Cherry Hill Public Schools


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