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#CLMOOC: Your Learning Constellation

Session 6
Scott Glass, Christina Cantrill — Glenbrook South High School, National Writing Project

When we speak about learning in 2015, we must talk about technology. After all, in addition to teaching students particular content—algebraic equations, historic events, literary devices—we also strive to help our kids to become contemporary learners, making the most of what the internet, social media, and digital devices have to offer.

In order to achieve this goal, however, we must become flexible, active learners in an educational environment quite different from the one that most of us grew up in. Consider the dizzying array of possibilities open to each of us. These same possibilities exist for our students, which is why we must be learners at the same time we are leaders, facilitating our student’s growth while also investing in our own ongoing literacy and ability.

So how do we grow as contemporary learners and teach this to our kids at the same time? We each need a learning constellation, a collection of mentors, partners, and guides to help us become fluent in the critical dispositions all contemporary learners need: creativity, generosity, curiosity, thoughtfulness, and productivity. Consider any meaningful activity in which you have invested yourself and being connected to others with the same interest surely has played a critical role. The same applies here.

This hands-on, dynamic conversation will explore #clmooc: a collaborative, connected learning community dedicated to helping educators gain the kind of first-hand experience necessary to be confident contemporary educators, creators, and learners.

Conversational Practice

During the session, participants will experiment with a creative activity and engage with members from the #CLMOOC community during the presentation via Twitter. After the session, participants can then join the formal course over the summer and stay connected throughout the year.

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