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Defining "Prepared"

Session 2
Dan Goldner — Boston Public Schools

That standardized tests don't measure the essence of what we are trying to teach through inquiry has been much discussed. So just what are we trying to teach? How do we know it's been learned? What models and milestones can we hold up for students so they can envision and mark their growth toward being effective independent learners? How do we know whether a student is ready for the coursework he is likely to encounter once he leaves us? How can we know, and how can we show, that a student currently unfamiliar with content x is nonetheless academically mature enough to learn it on her own when needed? No prepared answers to these questions will be offered. The aim is to give you the chance to work with colleagues to form and articulate your own responses. While these questions apply to all ages and subjects, there may be some emphasis on secondary mathematics, since existing measures of "college-readiness" in math are particularly specific.

Conversational Practice

Combination of modified focus/framing question protocol with "build a wiki" or similar simultaneously-editable document.

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dan goldner
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