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Educon U 2017?

Session 3
Joshua Spodek — Columbia University / NYU

The choices for Audience in creating an Educon conversation include "High School," "Middle School," and "Elementary School," but not past 12th grade.

As a university professor, Educon has changed my teaching practice and my student evaluations show they appreciate it deeply. Many practices and beliefs translate from K-12 to universities.

Still, many don't. I believe we would benefit from extending the Educon community to university educators and administrators.

What are the similarities and differences? What can the communities learn from each other? What would university communities have to figure out on their own? Would it make sense to try to extend Educon?

If so, how would "Educon U." differ? Would people attend? What are the logistics? What can we learn from Educon?

Conversational Practice

The conversation will begin (after introductions) with comparing the K-12 community with the university community (diverse as both are) and seeing if something like an "Educon U." would work for the latter.

If it would, we would consider if we could make it happen and logistics.

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