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Startup 101: Entrepreneurialism for K-12 Classrooms

Session 2
Reshan Richards — Teachers College, Columbia University

I'll repeat the question: What happens when learning at school is more like working at a startup? No homework. No grades. No exams. No scheduled class periods. No teachers. A starting point and ending point. A space to gather and work. Opportunities to expand networks and gain experiences. Near continuous feedback. Guidance. If this sounds more like the “real world” and less like “school,” then perhaps schools are not following the wisdom of John Dewey who stated that school must reflect life, and life must reflect school. Through a combination of storytelling, small group brainstorming, and a mini design project of our own, the goal of this session is for participants to leave with ideas for encouraging entrepreneurial and innovative thinking at any scale and for any age group.

Conversational Practice

Participants will work together to brainstorm and build out plans for supporting entrepreneurial thinking for whatever age levels, discipline, and time and effort commitment they can realistically support. This will not be a lecture by any means, and I will always be the first to admit that I am no expert on the topic but rather an very interested and enthusiastic learner about it!

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Reshan Richards
Reshan Richards
Teachers College, Columbia University


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