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Keeping Kids Curious: The Art and Science of Making

Session 6
Gerald Aungst, Brian Reilly — Cheltenham School District

Makerspaces are an exploding trend in education, but most of the conversation has been around injection of STEM content and activities through hands-on building. We believe that an important avenue for exploration is activating and fostering curiosity in our students. Makerspaces offer opportunities to give students learning experiences that tap into new interests and passions.

We will begin by presenting and discussing some of the science of curiosity, specifically as it relates to student learning. We'll then use the Success Analysis Protocol to generate and process strategies and best practices brought to the session by the participants. We will explicitly consider how the strategies and practices may promote or suppress curiosity and how to maximize our ability to keep kids curious.

Conversational Practice

We will use a version of the Success Analysis Protocol from the NSRF to process and analyze the ideas shared by the group. We will collect the best ideas and our reflections in a public Google Doc.

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Gerald Aungst
Gerald Aungst
Cheltenham School District


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