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Leaders Instead of Leaners: Inspiring women and underrepresented minorities to lead in STEM fields

Session 5
Raja Y Schaar — Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at GA Institute of Technology and Emory University Medical School

As more and more women prepare to graduate college with degrees in STEM fields, many are discovering that the path to navigate with career is unclear. While most are prepared to participate, few are prepared with lead. Without mentorship and modeling throughout school, our women and girls are still at a disadvantage. This conversation will address ways to nurture confidence and leadership in girls interested in STEM throughout their education. Starting with some key questions focused on interventions at elementary, middle, and high school levels. - Elementary: How do we empower young girls with strategizes to see past implicit biases related to aptitude and gendered careers opportunities? - Middle/high: What are opportunities for our girls to shine? How do get our girls to speak up? - High: Without a Good-ole gals club, how do women network? And how early is appropriate it to start? - All grades: Who are our modern day role-models? How do we share their stories?

Conversational Practice

Following 2 minute video-clip testimonials from girl students addressing these questions, I will facilitate a brain-storming session where participants generate ideas on post-its on how schools can to mine local resources to make changes for their own students. Teams will then script a 2 minute skit on how they would start this conversation with administrators, class-room teachers, community organizations, and one-on-one with students.

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