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No One Said Revolutions Were Easy

Session 5
Adina Sullivan — San Marcos Unified

San Marcos Unified decided to implement a 1:1 program, but insisted on a pedagogical focus (Inquiry) rather than just handing out device carts. Most teachers just wanted the devices. Five years down the road, we are in a completely different place with the way teachers respond to that change in pedagogy. Now comes a new revolution - grading practices. With all the edu/ed tech revolutions we are involved with (in our schools, district, and communities), how do we start and proceed in a way that respects where people begin, motivates progress, and achieves the desired change?

Conversational Practice

After a brief description of our district intention, strategies, challenges, and current status participants will work on a collaborative action plans based on the What? So What? What Now? conversation strategy.

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