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Social Justice Teaching and Learning: Empowering Students to Change the World

Session 5
Jennifer Orr, Dahlia Constantine, Lauren Jensen — Lynbrook Elementary, Teachers College, Glen Cove High School

The goal of this session is to explore possibilities for social justice teaching and learning from kindergarten through high school. We will begin by discussing, as a group, what social justice teaching and learning look like and entail. We will form some definitions and explanations. Then we will briefly share what we have done in our classrooms (kindergarten, 3rd grade, and high school English). We will spend some time discussing how our work in classrooms does or does not look like what we previously decided social justice teaching and learning is. We will work in groups to develop ideas for social justice teaching and learning in our classrooms, schools, or districts. Much of the work we are sharing builds from Vivian Vasquez and Sonia Nieto and we will share some resources.

Conversational Practice

Forming definitions and explanations as a group - we can record these on a google doc comparing experiences, both of the three of us as well as other participants, with the definitions and explanations we created we also intend to have time to brainstorm in small groups how this could or does look in our schools and how to continue growing with it

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