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Transforming Silence into Genius

Session 3
Gregory Corbin — PYPM/City of Philadelphia

In the midst of an educational crisis, where the arts and extracurricular activities are being eliminated from schools it has been challenging to expand the imagination and vision of today's student. Participants will explore the many facets of poetry, spoken word performance, and hip hop as it relates to youth culture and cultural responsive pedagogy. By investigating identity students learn more about themselves and their own voice, which encourages value in self. This workshop/conversation will give educators tools to connect with students on a deeper level while simultaneously building ownership in the classroom while increasing student engagement. Participants will be asked to share their insights, experiences. This workshop will recommend culturally responsive curriculum engagement, strategies, critical media literacy, creative writing reflective practices, internal conflict resolution, as it uses critical lenses to share ideas and strategies to increase the authentic student voice and innovation.

Conversational Practice

This presentation will not only share pedagogical practices, but it will also place the participants in the positions that their students experiences daily. We our students to take risk, but we do not take them as educators. Participants will share and exchange ideas as they also explore their own creative abilities. Get ready to have some fun!

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