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What We Talk About When We Talk About Education

Session 1
Meredith Stewart — Cary Academy

I'd love to facilitate a conversation about the words we use when we talk about education. Words like- Accountability. Disruption. Innovation. Priviledge. Blended. Project-Based. Collaboration. Technology. Maker. Power. I'd like to really dig into some of the words, to try to get at why we use them and how. I'd also hope that in the midst of conversation we come to some understanding about the ways in which others might understand these words differently than we do. I also hope we'll consider how students might understand the words that we use.

Conversational Practice

Planning to go old school word wall style and use online mind mapping tools and TodaysMeet for folks to share their impressions/immediate associations. We'll then share out in a large group and return to smaller groups for concluding conversation.

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Meredith Stewart
Meredith Stewart
Cary Academy


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