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Building Sustained Student Organizing and Struggle by Cultivating Student Voice and Power

Session 1
Melinda Anderson, Rusul Alrubail, Xian Franzinger Barrett, Jennifer Nava, Alicia Jones and Ameena Atif — CPS, Educolor*, etc.

We use the following structure: 1) Intro: Short share from faciliators (Inspired by success stories, set general philosophy)

2) Small group triage—facilitators each lead small group discussion to understand participants’ individual environments, hopes and fears around organizing. (Reflect on our setting)

3) Real or practice scenario work in small affinity grouping (Develop an action plan, develop own philosophy)

4) Whole group strategic planning and exchange of support (Share materials and tools to use in classroom, plan how to support each other moving forward)

Conversational Practice

The structure of the conversation will ensure that it’s interactive and people are encouraged to be the experts of their own communities and experiences.

We will have norms based on Free Minds, Free People and EduCon’s general norms and protocols. We will especially focus on equitable voice along race/class/gender/sexual orientation/ability/occupational lines.

It would be fine to broadcast our work.

*I’m not sure how to make a wiki, but a “How to” wiki on student activism is desperately needed.

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