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Crossing the Tracks: creating new resources through interdisciplinary projects

Session 2
Larissa Pahomov, Matt Baird, Douglas Herman — SLA

In this year-long project students identify a contemporary issue for independent study in an effort to create comprehensive resources for future research. This project is in response to standing needs of teaching traditional research paper writing skills, providing students with creative freedom to write on topics they feel passionate about and integrating new media techniques and platforms for distribution.

Components of this research project serve as the basis for writing in English 3, historical research in US History and the incorporation of new media in Intermediate Media Studies. Student work is then gathered into a comprehensive web-based resource in the fall and a formal research paper in the spring.

Conversational Practice

Teachers and students involved in the project will lead this conversation about the experiences, both positive and negative, of this interdisciplinary approach to project based learning. Sample artifacts of student work and professional models will be shared and dissected. Participants in the conversation who have experience with similar projects are encouraged to join the discussion.

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Matthew Baird
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