During each of the six breakout sessions throughout the weekend, a large number of conversations will take place. This site will help you organize your plan for the weekend and provide the relevant information for each conversation. After signing in, search through the conversations below and mark the sessions you are interested in to populate your personal schedule on the right (or below if on your mobile phone).

How can we ensure our school culture welcomes our students’ racial, ethnic, and cultural identities?

Session 1
Natalie Zwerger, Chemay Morales-James, Khalilah Brann

This conversation will center on environmental cues in our school cultures that trigger, perpetuate, and rely upon stereotypes of the identities of our culturally and linguistically students. We will dialogue how we can combat stereotypes and negative value messaging by intentionally fostering inclusive cultures for all of our students.

From the Horse's Mouth: Talking with Kids about Influential Media

Session 3
Douglas Herman, Josh Weisgrau and a panel of SLA students

In a follow-up to "Empowering Critical Relationships with Media" (Educon '14, '15), this conversation opens up a dialogue with a diverse panel of students from SLA regarding the media they consume and find influential. Hearing from this group of active media consumers will help teachers develop engaging educational approaches and materials with, rather than, for their students.

Innovation and Justice

Session 6
Max Rosen-Long, Larissa Pahomov

What happens when innovation and social justice intersect? Who is doing the innovation, and who is being innovated upon? Who benefits and who loses out? And as practitioners in innovative models of education, in what ways are we participating in or complicit in these intersections?

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