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Engineering as a Catalyst for School Wide Change

Session 1
Chris Pilla, John Kamal — Science Leadership Academy

This conversation will examine how engineering can be used to empower students to build community through design, to take control of their physical environment, to use making as a path to expression, and to build confidence in solving large scale problems in the world. Chris Pilla and John Kamal teach students engineering at SLA’s two campuses. They will lead a discussion about ways to leverage engineering as a way to reconnect kids with their innate drive to tinker, build, and solve problems. The discussion will take place in SLA’s makerspace and machine shop where these concepts are carried out by kids every day.

Conversational Practice

TBD - but we know we want to hold it in SLA Room 304.

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Presenter Profiles

John Kamal
John Kamal
Science Leadership Academy


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