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Generation Z -- It's Complicated

Session 3
Randy Ziegenfuss, Ross Cooper — Salisbury Township School District

We’ll use danah boyd’s research (It’s Complicated) and the research of a contemporary marketing firm to challenge/affirm our assumptions and brainstorm strategies/actions that we as educators can take to best meet the needs of today’s digital generation.

This conversation will be driven by participant inquiry and will have three objectives: (1) identify the participants’ current understanding of Generation Z; (2) expand participants’ understanding of Generation Z through the examination of research; (3) brainstorm strategies/actions to address identified assumptions/myths and/or counter the prevailing paradigm.

Conversational Practice

Participant inquiry in small and large group will result in a deliverable consisting of common adult perceptions of Generation Z, research-based explanations, and strategies/actions to best design learning opportunities for Generation Z.

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