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On Creating a Caring Learning Environment

Session 6
Morgan Caswell, Pia Martin, & Heaven Mendez — Science Leadership Academy

1 in 5 teenagers struggle with a serious mental illness, which means as an educator, it’s important to know how to best support these students. How can we best teach students that it’s okay to not be okay? How can you best handle a kid in crisis? Mental illnesses are complex - and whether they be caused by environmental factors or genetics - it’s important to be able to support these students not only as students, but as people. As educators, you also have your own outside life to deal with along with teaching. How can you cope with teaching and your outside life? What does it mean to be not okay as a teacher at school? Hear from current students and staff members at SLA about how they dealt with mental illness in a school environment and discuss how you can best do the same in your learning environment.

Conversational Practice

In this conversation, not only will you be able to hear from current SLA staff member and students, but you’ll also have the opportunity to collaborate and hear from other educators about their ideas on creating caring schools. After discussing this in small groups, all the ideas will be compiled onto a website which will be accessible to all conversation participants.

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Morgan Caswell
Morgan Caswell
Wagner Free Institute of Science
Heaven Mendez
Heaven Mendez
Science Leadership Academy


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