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Purpose and Authentic Audience

Session 6
Wendy Eiteljorg, Bethany Silva, Chris Fornaro — The Shipley School (all), UPenn (Bethany Silva)

After some sharing background from the various disciplines (English, Maker Movement, Foreign Language, Science) on the power of audience and purpose, presenters will share some specific examples of how they and their colleagues have sought to provide opportunities for these powerful motivators. We will share examples of using Google+ to have conversations in target foreign language, blogging, podcasting, twitter sharing, and cross grade level work. We will also share the way we have used Twitter to find an audience for student work. Since the purpose of the discussion is the power of these factors for students, we will share examples of student response to this work as well.

Participants will be able to self-select into groups with teacher leaders to learn more about specific options. This will allow for time to discuss and plan how to adapt class work or curriculum to bring more audience and/or purpose to a variety of classes, even if a teacher does not have total control over course curriculum. We will have teachers representing foreign language teaching, Engineering, maker projects, and English (at both elementary and high school levels).

Conversational Practice

There will be time for teachers to break into groups to work with those who teach similar subjects or grade levels. In addition, we will form a Google+ community to continue to share ideas and support one another after EduCon.

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