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Silver Bullets, Panaceas and Elixirs: The False Prophets of Educational Reform

Session 5
Diana Laufenberg — Inquiry Schools

Educational reform is difficult work. There are no short cuts, there are no switches to flip it is just a long term commitment to fundamentally shift the focus of a community of learners. At times this can feel like winning the championship game and at times it can feel like watching a building full of people all quit smoking all at once. What are the critical steps to engage in when looking to reform, refresh or revise your educational approach? What is the scaffold, what are the layers, where does the work ground itself, how can you thrive through the change and not just survive it… please join me for a real conversation about reform, not one that proposes silver bullets, panaceas or elixirs but rather one that rebuilds roads or bridges or trails or whatever metaphor works for you…

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Diana Laufenberg
Diana Laufenberg
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