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Make Art, Not Pics: a Visual Conversation about Learning and Space at SLA

Session 5
Kevin Jarrett

Part photowalk, part art exercise, part respite from the intellectual gymnastics of the weekend, this session is for anyone who enjoys expressing themselves with a device that takes pictures (including smartphones, tablets, etc.) Our subject will be SLA itself. Seeking to create extraordinary photos of ordinary things, we will roam the hallways of SLA taking pictures of anything and everything. We'll learn from each other, trade technical tips and advice, and finally, share the art we create online (Creative Commons Licensed, of course) for all to enjoy.

Conversational Practice

We'll have plenty of conversation as we roam SLA in teams trying to capture our images. We'll share them to the Flickr group (below), on Twitter and Instagram. Remember to use the hashtags: #makeartnotpics #educon #sla

Resource Doc: http://goo.gl/TxrXYw Haiku Deck: http://goo.gl/zSK6ZS

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Kevin Jarrett
Kevin Jarrett


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