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5 Principles of the Modern Math Classroom

Session 2
Gerald Aungst — Cheltenham School District

Students pursue problems they're curious about, not problems they're told to solve. Creating a math classroom filled with confident problem solvers starts by encouraging students to investigate provocative questions, not by prescribing a sequence of mechanical exercises. In this session, participants will debunk 4 pervasive myths about math learning. They will also explore and develop a thoughtful approach for instilling a culture of innovative thinking in the math classroom through five powerful, yet straightforward principles: Conjecture, Collaboration, Communication, Chaos, and Celebration. 5 Principles of the Modern Mathematics Classroom offers new ideas for inspiring math students by building a more engaging and collaborative learning environment.

This session will enable attendees to:

  1. Embrace collaboration and purposeful chaos to help students engage in productive struggle, using non-routine and unsolved problems.
  2. Apply all five principles through practical strategies, activities, and digital tools.
  3. Introduce substantive, lasting changes in the classroom culture through a manageable but meaningful shift in processes and behaviors.

Conversational Practice

Small groups will work together to solve problems and use structured conversation protocols to reflect on how their experiences translate into classroom practice. We will also use a Slack team to further develop and record the conversation both during and after the session.

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Gerald Aungst
Gerald Aungst
Cheltenham School District


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