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The DEEP Practitioners Program: Pushing the Practice of Excellent Teachers

Session 3
Alexa Dunn (and DEEP Practitioner Members-teachers in the School District of Philadelphia — The School District of Philadelphia, Science Leadership Academy, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education

Driven by the desire to keep our best teachers in the School District of Philadelphia (SDP), the District launched a pilot study based on The New Teacher Project's (TNTP) The Irreplaceables study during the 2014-2015 school year. Branding this group as the DEEP (Dynamic, Effective, Evolving, Passionate) Practitioners Program by Teacher Coach Alexa Dunn and the pilot's participating 15 educators, the year-long program investigated the coaching and retention of the SDP's great teachers. Focus was on facilitative and collaborative goal setting and coaching styles. The DEEP Program is now in its second year, keeping the original 15 educators involved in the first coaching cycle and bringing on a new crop of 15 DEEP Practitioners.

This workshop will be led by Alexa Dunn, some of her DEEP Practitioners from the 2014-2015 program, and a few new 2015-2016 members. Attendees will participate in round table collaborative conversations and activities that will help them envision what teacher coaching of our excellent teachers could look like, and what it means to push teacher practice from good to great. Attendees will leave the session with ideas and practical tools to use in their schools and networks to grow coaching at this level.

Conversational Practice

Workshop style, collaborative conversations, practical tool exploration.

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Alexa Dunn
Alexa Dunn
School District of Philadelphia


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