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Why the Workshop School Works

Session 4
Keyshawn Stran, Baijeen Compton, Dayshawn Fisher, Ibn Barnett, Brandon Miller — The Workshop School

Having one year at the Workshop School under their belt, sophomore students Keyshawn Stran, Baijeen Compton, Dashawn Fisher, and Ibn Barnett look over some of the things that have become a part of their identity as learners and citizens. Through leading participants through a selection of the activities that have made The Workshop School so impactful, these student will facilitate a discussion on WHY these activities reflect the direction that schools should be heading, how these activities reflect the philosophies about education that students have embraced, and what it would look like for more schools to adopt similar activities.

Conversational Practice

While the conversation will focus on some of the activities done at The Workshop School, the goal will be for the group to design some extension activities as well as adaptations that could be utilized at ALL schools regardless of demographics. Another potential step is for conversation participants to create a website to warehouse the various iterations of the activities discussed.

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