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Culture Trumps Strategy, Every Time

Session 4
Matthew Frahm, Anneke Radin-Snaith — Naples Central School District (NY)

We recognize that schools need to change dramatically in order to prepare students for tomorrow’s world. At the same time, we also know that changing educational institutions is difficult because people find comfort in familiar routines. Conferences such as Educon and Edcamps are integral to this change process. However, they often create more questions than they answer. How do we take these ideas, or pieces of them, back home and APPLY them? How do they fit into a “regular” public school? How can we reconcile Educon ideas with federal, state, and local restrictions, and colleagues who have different philosophies on teaching? With a healthy culture, schools can better hope to encourage and sustain the changes needed to improve outcomes for kids. Without a healthy culture, even the most dynamic and innovative ideas can lead to increased frustration or fail to take hold. Please join us to share ideas and brainstorm answers for building healthy cultures capable of sustaining change.

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The Conversation will begin with a brief 5-10 minute overview of the topic. This will be followed by an interactive large group discussion and small group conversations. Key points will be captured digitally and shared.

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