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From the Horse's Mouth: Talking with Kids about Influential Media

Session 3
Douglas Herman, Josh Weisgrau and a panel of SLA students — SLA, Friends Central, Rough Cut Schools, Rough Cut Productions

At a base level of media consumption we need to consider “What are we watching? (or listening to, playing, etc.).” This is engagement in its simplest form, and gets us to think about the encoded messages that generally wash over us without question or interpretation. Asking ourselves “Why are we watching this?” begins the process of thinking about the constructs of media and how they serves our needs. As new technologies have lowered the barriers to creation the framing question, “What are we making?” asks us to think about the elements identified in the curate stage and how they work within our own creations. “Why are we making this?” helps us look at our own creations from a more critical perspective with greater understanding of production, our relationship to media and the encoding/decoding process.

As teachers "Who is this for?" is a given, but how much time do we spend truly considering the audience? Are they part of this curation and creation? If so, how? If not, why? How well do we fully grasp the additional layer of understanding new platforms of distribution our students are predominantly using for media consumption? This conversation aims to gain a better understanding of what it is like from the other side of the lecture, assignment and project.

Conversational Practice

This conversation will be guided by Josh Weisgrau and Douglas Herman of Rough Cut Schools, as well as current and former SLA students who have made the critical leap from consumers to creators of media.

After engaging in conversation with this panel of students, our attendees will have the unique opportunity of being "schooled" in the ways of modern media consumption, interaction, interpretation and creation.

Rough Cut Schools aims to inspire critical and creative approaches to consuming and creating media for all students that will lead to an empowered relationship with media in an overwhelmingly mediated society.

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